Twin Cities printing company donates copy of Saint John’s Bible to Shoreview church

A valuable donation has been made by a Twin Cities printing company to a Shoreview Church

The John Roberts Company in Coon Rapids is donating a copy of the Saint John’s Bible they reproduced to St. Odilia Catholic Church.

Michael Keene, who was the founder of the company, gave the Bible to the church to honor his father, who had attended the house.

“The connection with my father, the church, and we’re very proud and pleased to be able to do that,” Keene said.

The Saint John’s Bible is valued at $185,000.

“I don’t know if we knew the exact dollar amount, but we knew this was something we could really treasure,” Rick Storms with St. Odilia Catholic Church said.

The Saint John’s Bible produced by the company are being sold all over the world.

A copy is available at the U.S. Library of Congress, as well as the Pope at Vatican.