August 9, 2023| 9 August 2023

Australia’s largest print-on-demand fulfiller, Prima PMI, has successfully transitioned its energy mix to be fully powered by solar, wind, and hydro resources, underscoring a strong commitment to sustainable energy. 

Solar power: From the Prima roof
Solar power from the Prima PMI Roof

After navigating the complicated landscape of energy alternatives, the company has successfully incorporated renewable energies into its daily operations. It is setting an example for the print industry.

Prima PMI generates most of its own energy from rooftop solar farms. Granville Harbour Wind Farm provides the rest, while Tasmanian hydropower is used during periods when there are less sun and wind. This combination ensures a reliable power supply that is fully supported by renewable energy sources. The Wind Farm was built three years ago on the west coast Tasmania.

The company claims that the global manufacturing sector, which includes the print industry consumes a substantial portion of energy. Prima PMI claims that it has made a significant contribution to efforts to reduce the environmental impact of this industry by creating a 100% renewable operation.

Prima PMI acknowledges that the shift to renewable energy has not been without challenges. Prima PMI chose to go beyond the standard cost-effective measures to maintain its environmental commitment, even though there were cheaper, more traditional energy options available. The company also looked into carbon offsets but decided that a combination of solar energy generated by itself and renewable energy purchased was the best way to reduce its carbon footprint.

Powering Prima: Granville Harbour Wind Farm
Powering Prima PMI: Granville Harbour Wind Farm

Prima PMI’s decision to transition to 100% renewable power was driven by responsibility to its customers, community and staff as well as an overall commitment to protecting the environment. Recognising that customers are increasingly aligning with companies that prioritise sustainability, Prima PMI says its shift to renewable energy meets these expectations, and also offers a product “rooted in sustainable practices”. Prima PMI says its decision mirrors its conviction that businesses, big or small, can help shape a sustainable future and “leave a legacy that future generations can be proud of”.

Prima PMI is part of the global District Photo group of companies, based in the US, which together with Harrier LLC, based in the UK, forms one of the world’s largest digital print fulfilment companies. Prima established itself in Melbourne in 2016 and acquired PMI Imageworks last year. This brought together two of Australia’s largest and most successful print-on demand and personalisation businesses.

Prima PMI operates a fleet of printers in the digital, dye-sublimation, DTG (direct to garment), and ecosolvent technologies, along with finishing infrastructure. It produces millions for its 3500-strong product range, and even in small runs.

Renewable: Wind power supporting Prima
Prima PMI: Renewable Wind Power Supports