Graphics Card Cooled With 3D-Printed Housing for Server Fan

Dire situations call for desperate measures — especially when your PC performance is at stake. When SamoesA DIY’s graphics card started running too hot, he knew a solution was necessary. Armed with an 3D printer There are a couple of extra components. SamoesA DIY devised a creative solution to the problem by designing custom housing for a bigger fan that wasn’t in any way originally intended to cool a graphics card.

SamoesA diy claims that the GPU began to overheat a few years ago. As a temporary measure to fix the problem, two CPU fans were attached. This proved to be futile as the problem resurfaced. This time, a more permanent solution was necessary and SamoesA DIY had just the tool — a server fan. The unit he used was 120mm in diameter, which is much larger than the processor fan he previously had. It would be difficult to mount this unit to the graphics cards.