You Can Now Get 10,000 Points When Mesh Leveling Your 3D Printer Bed

The first layer of 3D printing is the most crucial. A print that isn’t good on the first layer will most likely fail. If the layer is good, it will most likely succeed unless your slicer settings are very poor. Modern 3D printers are using mesh bed leveling to find the flatness of their bed. This helps them compensate for tilt and warping in order to print a good layer. While traditional mesh bed leveling hardware can probe between five and 25 points at a time, it is not as accurate as modern technology. For better results, the Beacon Surface Scanner now gives you 10,000 points.

These extra points allow the printer to see the bed’s true shape. Even the most flat beds are not perfect. This variation results in an uneven layer because of the difference in distance between the bed and the nozzle. The mesh bed leveling allows the printer tilt the bed or adjust the Z axis while a layer is being printed. Or both. The printer won’t be able adjust for bed variations if it only examines nine points. You can gather data from 10,000 points to create a high-resolution elevation map of the bed. This allows the printer to compensate well.

It would take around 8 hours to probe 10,000 points using a standard probe. The Beacon Surface Scanner is able to poll all points much faster than any regular probe that can only check 16 points. Because it scans the entire bed continuously, and does not need to stop at any point, it is extremely efficient. It emits a magnetic field that senses the magnetic eddies flowing through the bed. These eddies are dependent on the distance between the Beacon (and the bed) It only checks the area and not individual points. This means it can detect variations while it moves across a bed without stopping. The printer’s controller processes the sensor readings in order to generate a map of height.

A 3D printer with Klipper is required to make use of the Beacon Surface Scanning. The hardware is a PCB with three different connector orientations that can be used to fit different extruder bodies. This is a brand new product so you’ll need to create your mount to attach your Beacon Surface scanner to your extruder. Right now Beacon Surface Scanners cost $79.99This is a reasonable price when compared with high-quality probes that can’t provide this level of resolution.