This Festive DIY Could be Your New Favorite Hobby

I am a crafter who finds it difficult to stick to one project. So, instead of focusing on just one hobby at a moment, I like to have several.

Some are pointless other than bringing me a spark of joy when I’ve completed it. Others are more practical and provide me with something functional to use when I’m done with the DIY process. It’s always a good time and I learn something new.

One of my current obsessions that I’m considering getting into ate DTF transfers. Yes, ‘DTF’, but it doesn’t stand for what you’re probably thinking. ‘Direct To Film’ transfers are decals that are transferred onto shirts, cups, or anything else you’d like, via heat. Imagine it as screen printing, but with decals printed on a film and then ironed onto.

I’ve found people selling these transfers online so that you can add them yourself to your shirts. It’s cheap to buy the transfer itself, then you can pick up an inexpensive shirt from Walmart, slap them together and you’ve got a cool new shirt for a relatively lower price.

This method is used by many people to create festive shirts, whether for holidays, seasons or other special occasions. This method is used by some to create shirts for sale on Etsy, or other platforms.

Even though I know that a girl can only have so many shirts, I want to try this.

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