The Best Free 3D-Printed Steam Deck Accessories

Valve released the CAD files of the Steam Deck just before its official launch. This allowed modders, accessory designers, and tinkerers the opportunity to feel the Deck in their hands. Free CAD files allow people to create a range of 3D printed mods and accessories to enhance gaming on the Deck.

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These accessories can enhance the ergonomics of Steam Decks, provide more storage, or protect Decks. More importantly, a large group of designers have come up with clever designs that anyone can use, remix and improve.

All the accessories are available in 3D printable format. FreeSome of the accessories Purchase additional hardware For assembly.

10 CYBERDECK Portable Deck Steam Briefcase

Cyberdeck 3D printed accessory for steam deck
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CYBERDECK combines the Steam Deck portable display system into a rugged looking briefcase. It’s a small briefcase with protective bumpers on the corners that give it a rugged look. The “cyber” part of this contraption is the slot for a 12-inch low-power consumption monitor that can be powered by the Steam Deck itself.

There is also a place to store the charger when it’s not being used. Although the STL file for the CYBERDECK is available on Printables for free, it will need to assembled. It also requires hardware such as a USB-C Dock, some cables and connectors, and optional foldable keyboard and wireless mice.

9 Clip-on Stand

Clip on Stand for Steam Deck
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The 3D-printed clip on stand is a simple but effective kickstand that fixes a problem with the Steam Deck. The Nintendo Switch comes with its own kickstand which isn’t the sturdiest but is better than nothing. Even the heavier Steam Deck is supported on relatively flat surfaces with the clip-on support.

Even though the controllers on the Steam Deck don’t detach as they do on the Switch, a wired/ wireless controller or a keyboard and mouse can be used to operate the Steam Deck while it’s propped up. Two M3 screws will be required to assemble this clip-on stand.

8 Deckmate – Ecosystem Of Accessories

Deckmate accessory ecosystem for steam deck

Deckmate offers a variety of accessories that can be added to the Steam Deck. The Deckmate is a cleverly-designed clamp that fits on the backside of the Steam Deck. It also has two microSD cards as an added bonus. The clamp is designed to allow for a quick-swap system that allows Deck users to add a wide variety of accessories such as kickstands. wall mounts. power bank mounts. VESA mounts.

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The Steam Deck attachment can be printed free of charge. It does require some assembly and you will need to purchase some hardware. Deckmate can also be purchased as a pre-assembled bundle. Signing up for the Deckmate Newsletter is required to access the free Deckmate files.

7 Grip Extension

3D printed grip extensions for steam deck
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Steam Deck’s size and weight can make it difficult to play in handheld mode. 3D printed grip extensions make it easier to play for long periods of time. These grips are designed to fit around the buttons and grips on the Steam Deck.

The inside of the grip has a nub that allows it to align with the screwhole on the deck’s back and stay in position. The grip extensions must be removed to allow the Deck to fit into its case.

6 Retractable Monopod For Steam Deck

Retractable monopod accessory for steam deck
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This 3D printed monopod adds an extension stand to the Steam Deck using the clip from the clip on kickstand that was mentioned earlier. It’s possible that the Steam Deck isn’t used on monopods very often, but the design may be imperfect for those who do. The creator said that it was good for a little while, but became loose.

The monopod can be used to support the Deck when it is in the down or retracted positions. Monopods can be improved with a bit of tinkering or by using stronger materials.

5 DeckBro v1 HDD/SSD Mount

Deckbro v1 3D printed accessory steam deck
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DeckBro V1 is a great accessory that allows you to add a 2.5-inch SSD to your Steam Deck. A USB-C dongle with a specific size is required, along with a SATA to USB cord. And, it’s not as simple as the other 3D printed accessories as the Steam Deck in its SteamOS UI does not automatically recognize external USB storage devices and needs some tweaking.

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This tutorial from steamdeckhq will help you force the Steam Deck to accept an external drive as a storage device for games.

4 Analogue Stick Protectors

3D printed joystick protectors for steam deck
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Joystick drift affects all controllers, except those that use Hall Effects. The Steam Deck, however, does not use Hall Effect joysticks and fortunately, there haven’t been any major complaints so far other than the initial issues that turned out to be (software related (and fixed).).

The analog stick protectors will keep the joysticks in place while not in use, preventing them from drifting. This prevents the sticks from moving when they’re not supposed to, in turn reducing wear and tear.

3 Carrying Case Insert

3D printed case insert for Steam deck
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This clever insert is the best way to make use of the crater in the bottom of your Steam Deck case. The Deck case has a crater on the bottom that can be used to store a charger, its wire and 1-2 SD cards. The insert is inserted into the crater of the case, and covered by an elastic band. The insert does stick out from the case a bit, so it might be better if the design is modified.

Steam Deck uses microSD cards.

2 Lifesaver Drop Protection

Lifesaver 3D printed steam deck accessory
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The Steam Deck case has grooves for the Deck to slot in, but it’s not secure enough to prevent it from falling out if the case is unknowingly picked up with the zip open. Lifesaver’s 3D printed drop protection accessory can do just that. It fits into the deck case and is held in place by the seams inside the case.

The Deck can be placed into the Case and the Lifesaver is clamped onto it. The case ribbon can be inserted into the slot and then come out of the top. This allows the Steam Deck to be easily detached.

1 Secure MicroSD Card holder (6 Slots).

3D printed Card holder for steam deck
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Many people prefer to store multiple Steam Deck games on microSD cards and change them frequently, depending on what game they wish to play. The six-slot cardholder will be the perfect accessory for them. The cardholder uses the internal ribbon to hold itself in place.

The carrying case can accommodate up to six microSD Cards. The slots emit a click to alert the user that the microSD is securely in place.

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