Synergies Work opens doors for entrepreneurs with disabilities

ATLANTA (WUPA), a local non-profit, is providing entrepreneurs with disabilities resources and connections in order to launch successful businesses.

Jasmin Duffey (35), a basketball player at Middle Tennessee State University who was ranked number two in the country, lost her sight after an eye surgery in 2012.

“I went through all the emotions possible, including sadness, depression and denial until I found myself,” said McDonough, explaining how she discovered her calling as an spoken word artist.

Duffey needed an open-door to launch Blinded by Ambition LLC (her spoken-word platform) and her direct-to-garment printing business.



“Once a person is labeled with a disability I think other people stop giving opportunities. Synergies worked the opposite,” she stated, referring to Synergies. “They connect you with a mentoring. I have my own booth. I have my laptop, everything an engineer needs. “They have been a real blessing.

Her positive attitude is captured in the inspirational words she spoke during her Atlanta Now News interview.

She said, “I am blinded by my ambition and never see obstacles.”

Aarti Sahgal founded Synergies Work, in 2016, after her younger son was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

“I realized that there’s no place for entrepreneurs with disabilities.” She explained how the program had helped her son start two businesses. He runs an online business and has created his own technology platform and app.

Since 2016, the program has assisted more than 200 entrepreneurs who have disabilities. In the past two years, it has also launched more than seventy new businesses.

They could be running retail businesses. They could be in the technology business. They could be service-oriented. “They are artists”, said Sahgal.

Artists and entrepreneurs, like Duffey, now have a clearer vision for their future.

Even the Bible tells us that we should walk by faith, not sight. This life of blindness that I live was created by Christ,” she stated in a spoken-word poem.

Synergies Work’s first EDDIE Award will be presented on Thursday. This ceremony recognizes top entrepreneurs who have disabilities. The event is sold out, but anyone interested in attending can request to join a waitlist here: