Seven Nozzles, One Print Head – Liqtra launches new LIQTRA FX-7 Pro 3D printer: Technical specifications and pricing

Liqtra Industries has launched the latest industrial 3D printer LIQTRAFX-7Pro with multi-nozzle technology.

Patent-pending multi-nozzle technology is used in the LIQTRA FX-7Pro. Each nozzle can be controlled independently. The company claims that it can increase productivity by up 300 percent, part strength by up 37%, and maintain the same level of geometric detail, as a single- or dual-nozzle 3D printer.

The LIQTRA planning software is used to manage the operation of this multi-nozzle slicer. This software uses artificial intelligence and mathematical optimization to determine the optimal part direction, set process parameters and plan individual control nozzles. Furthermore, Liqtra GmbH has collaborated with Sanitätshaus Köck & Dengl Orthotreff GmbH and PPprint GmbH to create a leg splint in less than 24 hours, reducing the single nozzle print time of nearly two days by a factor of four.

“The ability of the LIQTRA FX-7 Pro to produce larger medical aids overnight opens up new opportunities for quick and individual patient care,” said Florian Dengl (CEO of Orthotreff).

LIQTRA multi-nozzle technology. Image via Liqtra.
LIQTRA multi-nozzle technology. Image via Liqtra.

What does this new launch mean for customers?

LIQTRA multi-nozzle technology employs parallel extrusion to speed up the printing process. This is achieved by selecting the best active nozzles for each step and extrusion rate. The 300 percent productivity gain is particularly important for meeting urgent printing needs that require small- to medium-sized parts to produce in a short amount of time.

Multi-nozzle 3D printer technology has many other benefits. These include custom manufacturing aids such as jigs or fixtures, small series production, and medical aids. LIQTRA FX-7 Pro has the ability to process both PA and PP (both fibre-reinforced). Liqtra has expanded its range of materials that can be processed to expand its reach for more applications.

LIQTRA FX-7 multi-nozzle print head (left) utilizing seven filaments to 3D print prostheses (right). Image via Liqtra.
LIQTRA FX-7 multinozzle print head (left), which uses seven filaments to create 3D printed prostheses (right). Image via Liqtra.

Pricing and technical specifications

The company has pricing information available: [email protected].

Closed construction chamber    x: 420mm; y: 300mm; z: 500mm

Materials                          PP, PA (also filled)

Filament diameter           1.75 mm

Layer height                    100 μm – 300 μm

Check the temperature of your bed     up to 120 °C

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Feature image shows LIQTRA FX-7 Pro 3D printer. Image via Liqtra.