PRINTING United Alliance Announces Newest Release of iLEARNING+ Courses

iLEARNING+ is used by over 20 countries in the world. It covers topics and segments relevant to industry for entry-level workers, C-Suite professionals and everyone else.

Fairfax, Virginia — PRINTING United Alliance, the most comprehensive member-based printing and graphic arts association in the U.S., today announces the release of six new industry-leading online courses in its iLEARNING+ library. iLEARNING+ contains the most comprehensive educational resources available for the printing sector, including reports on industry trends, best business practices, and certifications. It is all accessible via the e-learning system. You can find the most current course library at More courses are planned for the future. Alliance members are entitled to exclusive discounts on the iLEARNING+ product range.

iLEARNING+ is used by professionals around the world
iLEARNING+, launched just last year, is used by over 20 countries to train staff in their specific roles, to grow their skills, advance their careers and remain competitive in the print industry.

There are now new courses added to the platform.

DTG/DTF Printing Essentials
Aaron Montgomery, Terry Combs
Learn the similarities and differences of Direct-to Garment and Direct-to Film and where they each fit in your garment decorating business. Understanding pretreating printing and curing is important for the best practices of apparel decoration. Also, learn about shirt selection and safety.

Essential Lockout/Tagout Requirements
Gary Jones
This course is part one of a series of two. The Essential Requirements course lays the groundwork to meet the required elements of OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout standard and provides foundational knowledge to prevent workplace fatalities and mitigate frequent injuries within the printing industry.

Lockout/Tagout procedures
Gary Jones
This course is part two of a series. This course provides authorized employees the training they need to implement an OSHA-compliant Lockout/Tagout program that will help prevent workplace deaths and serious injuries.

Spot Color Management in Digital Printing
Instructor: Ray Weiss
This course provides users with the skills and knowledge to accurately measure and reproduce spot colours for digital print production. Learners will be able to identify the steps necessary to accurately manage spot colors when digital printing. They will also know how to apply these to their software and hardware to get the best possible results.

Cut Sheet Digital Printing Essentials
Instructor: Dan Gillespie
This course will provide users with a solid base for digital printing, covering a wide range of devices from compact office copier to high-speed production machines. Discover the differences between dry and wet technology and how to achieve the best possible print quality on your digital cut sheet printing device.

The Essentials of Screen Printing Ink for Graphic Applications
Bruce Ridge, Instructor
This course explores the world of screen printing ink. Learn about the inks’ unique properties and the components that go into them. Gain valuable insight on how to select the right ink for your application. This course will enhance your screen-printing skills, whether you are a novice screen printer or a seasoned apparel screen printer.

“The overwhelming response and adoption rate of those engaging with iLEARNING+ in the industry across the globe is simply astounding,” says Joe Marin, SVP, Member Services, PRINTING United Alliance. “We are proud to partner with leading instructors on developing these highly sought after courses and certifications to truly deliver second to none education.

“We are additionally working with industry associations and organizations to build and supplement courses for their staff and members, which speaks volumes to the trusted resource the Alliance has become for so many. We are looking forward to continuing to add even more courses and training in the months to come.”

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