Photo Printing Now Available at Jensen Memorial Library | Local News

Jensen Memorial Library is now the place to go for photo printing. The library has recently acquired a computer with a photo printer for patrons.

“It’s something our board decided would be a nice offering to the city es- pecially with the closing of Minden Office Supply,” Jensen Memorial Library Director Janene Hill said. “It’s a nice offering for people who just need to print a picture or two or a few. That’s something we’re glad to be able to offer to the community.”

After looking at several different options, they selected a computer and printer that is user friendly and economic for the library’s purposes. The equipment was purchased using donation funds from the Friends of the Library Foundation.

The library provides paper and ink for patrons to print full-color pictures up to 5×7 inches. The library provides paper and ink. Before printing, patrons will have to pay. The cost is 50¢ per 4×6 and $1 per 5×7 pages.

“We do have examples of what the sizes look like so people know,” Hill said.

Printing pictures from an SD Card, USB, flash drive, online storage site or wirelessly via a smartphone, tablet or another device is possible. The library can also make a copy of the photo for printing.

The printing can be done from a USB or the client can use basic editing software.

A guide will be posted in the library to help patrons to print their photos. Staff is also available to answer any questions.

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