Nicolas Cage Transforms into Dracula with 3D Printed Dentures for ‘Renfield’ Movie

Nicolas Cage starring in upcoming movie 'Renfield'

One of the most awaited flicks to soon be coming to cinemas is “Renfield”, wherein Nicolas Cage is set to star as the legendary vampire Dracula. Nicholas Hoult will play a patient in an insane asylum who is retelling Dracula’s classic novel. Oscar-winning actors has made headlines due to his dedication, which included shaving his teeth. We were most interested to learn that the dentures designed for his character were 3D printed.

Cage spent up to three hours each day, according reports, transforming himself into the character. This included applying prosthetics, make-up, and hairpieces. The 3D printed dentures were made by a dental technician who used a digital scan of Cage’s teeth to create a customized fit. This allowed Cage to wear the dentures comfortably and realistically portray the iconic vampire’s fangs. The use of 3D printers in the dental field is not new. They are a cost-effective, efficient method to produce dental crowns, veneers, and prosthetics. Moreover, this technology has been used in the film industry to create complex and lifelike prosthetics.

Photo credit: Universal

In the case of Nicolas Cage’s Dracula movie, the use of 3D printed dentures is just one example of how the technology is utilized to create a more authentic and memorable movie experience. As mentioned, through the use of a digital scan of Cage’s teeth, the dental technician was able to produce dentures made of acrylic resins that fit his mouth perfectly, allowing him to speak and act naturally while wearing them. Although no details were given on the 3D printing process used, the resin was likely to be a photopolymerization method, which is already common in dentistry.

Dentures are also a sign that a trend is growing. The use of 3D printing in film, especially for props, is becoming more popular. Not only can 3D printers create dentures, they can also produce full-body prosthetics as well as intricate costume pieces. It is possible to create more detailed and intricate designs quickly, and this makes it an invaluable tool for studios that want to create costumes for characters.  Nicolas Cage’s new Dracula movie “Renfield” is a prime example of how 3D printing technology is changing the movie industry and making the complexities of makeup design that much easier. The use of 3D printed dentures, in particular, is a testament to the technology’s ability to produce customized and authentic prosthetics. It is likely that as technology improves, we will see more innovative applications of 3D printing for dentistry and films.

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*Cover Photo Credits: Universal