New models from the 3D printer professional

3D printers have become increasingly popular. Until a few years ago they were only found in the science and industry, but now they are increasingly found in homes. QIDI Technology is one company that was instrumental in their mainstreaming. The manufacturer of 3D Printers, founded in 2014, produces 50,000 models per year. They have a lot of experience. The company has now introduced two new models, the QIDI Max3 & QIDI Plus3. Let’s take a closer look at them.

QIDI Max3 – industrial quality for home

You don’t want to compromise on your hobby either? QIDI Max3 3D printer is your best choice. This high-speed 3D printer has the maximum print size, and can be used in industrial applications. This printer’s print size is 325 x 325″ x 315″, allowing you to create large-format art. A temperature-controlled chamber with a drying room ensures quick results. Here, accuracy is also a key factor. According to some, the improved straightness on the surface ensures that error deviations are 60% lower. It not only ensures very good printing, but also low maintenance and long service life.

qidi max3
Image: QIDI

The Max 3 is impressive even when it’s turned off. QIDI’s high-quality 3D Printer, for instance, has an all metal frame. The underside is reinforced with metal cross beams, which makes it extremely stable. So you don’t have to be afraid of deformations. The clogging of the system is not a concern. The new cooling systems takes care of this. A printing process that is ultra-fast also makes it a winner. It is claimed that 600 mm/s can be achieved with an acceleration rate of 20,000mm/s. This high speed is not an accident. The new processor has a clock rate of 1.5 GHz. Additionally, the casing is now optimized for higher speeds.

qidi max3
Image: QIDI

QIDI, in comparison to its predecessor, also wishes to have implemented a brand new automatic leveling function. All the other features read well. A chamber circulation blower is included with an activated-carbon air filter. The HF pressure plates can also be bent, and are thus protected from damage. New software should provide high levels of comfort. From the moment the product is unpacked, comfort should be a priority. The manufacturer promises quick installation and trouble-free commissioning. The printer is already assembled.

Thermo control for powerful thermal control

The QIDI Max3 can achieve a maximum extruder temperature of 350°C, a hot bed temperature of 120°C and a chamber temperature of 65°C. Combining this with the use of high-quality material, you can be sure to get great results. You can also be assured that the device will serve you well for many years. This is made possible by the two types hot ends. On one side you will find hardened steel, and on the other a copper-alloy. QIDI installed a new cooling system in order to avoid clogging.

In many disciplines, we are ahead of the competition

The sheer number of 3D Printers available makes it difficult to select the right one. Comparing the technical specifications can be useful. In this area, QIDI Max3 excels in many ways. It starts with a print size that is clearly superior than many of its competitors, 325 x 325″ x 315″. Few models in the mass market can match the 600 mm/s print speed. The high-quality metal framework ensures durability. The temperature control is very effective and allows the high-performance material to be processed well.

QIDI Plus3 – Can it be a little smaller?

Plus 3 has a slightly smaller but still large print size. The Plus 3 measures 280x280x270mm. Plus, the Max version offers many of its highlights. The controlled temperature chamber, the drying chamber, and other features are included.

Image: QIDI

QIDI’s all-metal chassis allows for ultra-fast printing. The technical data of a 600 mm/s print speed and a 20,000 mm/s acceleration are proof of this.

Prices and availability

You can buy both 3D printers now on QIDI’s official website. For the QIDI Max3, you’re currently paying only 1,049.00 euros instead of the MSRP of 1,399.00 euros. The slightly smaller Plus is much cheaper. QIDI Plus3 costs 749.00 euros, instead of the original 1,099.00 euro.