MUTOH America Announces New Lower MSRP on Two Flagship 64″ Printers

Phoenix, AZ – MUTOH America – known for offering high-quality, reliable printers at competitive prices – is pleased to announce a promotion on two of its wide-format printers: the XpertJet XpertJet XpertJet XpertJet XpertJet XpertJelt 1682SR-Pro Eco-Solvent Printer 64″ and the XpertJet XpertJet XpertJe These high-speed dual print head 64” production machines are now more accessible than ever with an enticing new MSRP of only $21,995. This is a substantial reduction of up to $6,000 from the previous MSRP.

Brian Phipps is the President of MUTOH America. He says, “In an uncertain world, MUTOH America’s printers are now more affordable for our customers.” We are proud of our made-in Japan quality and affordability.

It’s never been better to add these powerful machines to your line-up if you want to increase your print productivity. You’ll enjoy unmatched image clarity and print speeds with the XPJ-1682SR Pro thanks to MUTOH AccuFine HD dual-staggered printheads. MUTOH’s proprietary iscreen technology enhances the print quality to a mesmerizing level. Print with confidence knowing that your job will exceed your expectations.

The 64″ XpertJet Pro Eco-Solvent printer features:

Dropmaster 2 automatically calibrates bidirectional alignments. This saves time and reduces adjustment variations between printer operators.

Feed Master Sensor: Automatic media feed adjustment is possible with this sensor.

Nozzle Area Selection: This feature reduces downtime because it allows you to turn off blocked print nozzles and choose active nozzles for printing. Combining this feature and the optional Automatic Nozzle Detection Unit allows you to create seamless print jobs.

Media Tracker: Prints barcodes before removing media. When reloading specific media, an integrated sensor recognizes and reads barcodes to provide valuable information about whether you have enough material for a particular job.

4 Stage Head Height Adjustment – Prints on a variety of media.

Multi-Stage pressure rollers: Optimize print feeding on various media.

MUTOH MS41 Eco-Solvent Certified Gold by GREENGUARD Ink: Ideal in sensitive environments such as daycares and hospitals.

The 64-inch XpertJet XpertJet-1682WR Dye Sublimation printer has the following features:

Automatic Bi-Directional Aligment with Integrated Sensor: Saves time by automatically calibrating alignments and increasing ease-of-use.

MUTOH Status Monitor: Monitor the printer in real time. MSM mobile allows you to monitor your printer from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Upgraded Pressure Roller system: This system allows operators to select and engage individual rollers manually to minimize cockling.

MUTOH DH21 DyeSublimation ink: Excellent color stability, wide color gamut and optimum printing quality.

With MUTOH’s XpertJet-1682SR Pro and the XpertJet-1682WR, you’ll experience printing excellence at an unbeatable price. Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your printing abilities. Visit to learn more and see all of our current promotions today.