Mimaki USA Introduces Latest DTF Printing Solution With The TxF300-75

Mimaki USA announced the global debut of its latest innovation – the TxF300-75 direct-to-film printer. The market wanted more efficiency after the TxF150 75, an initial DTF printer, was introduced in April 2023. Mimaki USA, driven by its commitment of delivering customer-centric solutions quickly, introduces the TxF300 75 to meet these increased productivity needs.

This new TxF30075 model has increased productivity by 300% over the previous model. Mimaki’s latest launch demonstrates its continued reliability and support from the manufacturer, further establishing Mimaki as a leader for textile and apparel print solutions. Features that are essential for seamless operations include

• Implementation of the ink recirculation function, MCTv2, to prevent white ink instability.

• Adoption of degassed ink through aluminum packaging.

• Integration of Mimaki’s NCU (Nozzle Check Unit) technology and NRS (Nozzle Recovery System), facilitating uninterrupted production.

• ECO-PASSPORT certification, a requirement for OEKO-TEX® certification, minimizing environmental impact and fostering an eco-friendly workspace.

This DTF printer allows intricate designs to appear on fabrics of all types, including cotton, polyester, mixed textiles or even darker shades. The TxF300 75 is scheduled to launch at the end of August 2023.