Local print shop recovering after losing thousands from burglary

TUCSON, Ariz., (13 News), – A local design and print shop, Cream lost thousands of dollars during a burglary.

One of the shop’s employees came to work last week and noticed the back roll-up door was open. Two men are seen in security footage carrying things into a side alley. Owner Patrick Foley said a truck came to pick up the goods.

Foley’s staff and he took several days to figure out what was missing. Staff members still notice missing items today.

Foley said that despite the burglary employees were working hard to fulfill orders for customers to reduce unnecessary stress.

“The anxiety we’re feeling,” said Foley. “We didn’t want transferred onto our clients because in the summertime, we know it’s hard for businesses. So we wanted to make sure they were whole before we took a step back to make sure we were good.”

Foley estimates that his business suffered a loss of $18,000. This includes the cost for repurchasing equipment and supplies.

Foley said that the burglary not only cost them money to buy new materials but also impacted on their deadline for a summer project.

“Our reserves we had saved up for the summer slowdown, and to invest in our own brand merchandise, the things that we do to stay afloat during the summer … those materials were all taken,” Foley said.

“The money we saved for that, we’ve had to put it into buying new equipment.”

Foley had to buy the equipment himself to keep his shop going.

Community members have been supporting the shop by donating, and some businesses are even sharing some of their profits to help Cream’s recovery.

“Having Tucson being able to rally behind us, and seeing how many people care for 8 people working in a print shop is awesome,” said Zach Zalewski, the inventory manager for Cream.

Tucson Police Department is encouraging anyone with information regarding a crime or incident to contact it. You can remain completely anonymous.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the GoFundMe campaign can click here.

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