Landmarks Illinois seeks nominations for the 2023 Most Endangered Historic Places in Illinois

CHICAGO, Ill., Dec. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Landmarks Illinois We are now accepting nominations to the 2023 Most Endangered Historic Places Award Illinois. The most popular advocacy program in the state, the Most Endangered is an annual list that highlights historic and culturally significant sites that are under threat from deterioration or demolition. You can nominate for the 2023 most endangered list online. Nominations are due by April 30, 2019. January 17, 2023.

Members of Courthouse Preservation Partnership stand in front of the Will County Courthouse in Joliet, a 2022 Most Endangered site. Landmarks Illinois continues to work with local advocates to fine a reuse for the courthouse.

Courthouse Preservation Partnership members stand in front the Will County Courthouse, Joliet. This is a 2022 Most Endangered Site. Landmarks Illinois continues its collaboration with local advocates in order to obtain a permit for the courthouse to be reused.

Anyone can nominate a site for inclusion, whether they are residents or members of local community groups. Illinois To be added to the 2023 Most Endangered List. Nominated sites must be in dire need of preservation. They don’t need to be designated as landmarks locally or nationally, but should be treasured by the community and/or used to celebrate local culture or history.

The Landmarks Illinois staff will review all nominations for the 2023 Most Endangered List. Landmarks Illinois Nominations for places that are able to tell the stories and histories of communities that have not been given equal attention by the preservation community are especially welcome. In early spring, the nominators will be notified if their chosen place has been selected. In 2023, the Most Endangered List will be published. May 2023.

Please review our FAQs for detailed information on the annual Most Endangered list, including how sites are selected and what is required of those who nominate a site.

Landmarks Illinois’ Most Endangered Historic Places list includes sites Illinois Residents, government bodies, and media outlets pay more attention to sites that are listed on the Most Endangered List. This helps support advocacy efforts for their preservation. Legislative efforts can be made to help a site’s preservation by being included on the Most Endangered List.

Landmarks Illinois The website, social media, and printed newsletters promote the Most Endangered property throughout the year. These communications are seen daily by thousands. Illinois Residents and preservation partners

Landmarks Illinois staff will continue to support preservation efforts of properties that are on the Most Endangered list. This includes continuing communication and relationships and resources (including small grants) as well as connections. This has often resulted in decades- or even decades-long relationships between local advocates, Landmarks Illinois and them. Landmarks Illinois staff can be a link for pro bono preservation services from other professionals like historians, engineers, architects, and so on.

Visit our website to see previous Most Endangered Lists and learn more about this program.

We are people saving places for people. Landmarks Illinois This is a non-profit membership-based historic preservation organization that serves the people and communities of Illinois. Through free guidance, financial resources and strategic partnerships, we inspire and empower stakeholders to save those places that matter most to them. Visit for more information.

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