5 May 2023| 5 May 2023

Jetmark is showcasing the ColorJet Verve along with a variety of printed media, including textured ones. They also have a screen blanking product that’s innovative.

ColorJet Verve’s market share in Australia is increasing, according to Jetmark managing director Craig Hornsey. This is attributed to the Verve’s quality, reliability, and affordable pricing.

Jetmark, the exclusive distributor in Australia, is responsible for this range. Hornsey said, “Jetmark has always had a simple goal – to give our customers the highest quality sign making products and consumables at the best prices so that they, in turn, can meet their customers’ demands for quality and value.

Value for money: Craig HOrnsey with the ColorJet Verve at Visual Impact
Craig Hornsey and the ColorJet Verve: Visual Impact offers a great value for money.

“As well as a variety of equipment and tools, we offer a full range of consumables including inks, media and substrates, and provide a trade printing service for those creative applications which can’t be managed in house.”

Visual Impact is where the company showcases the Verve VLF-2513, OmniPrint Direct to Film, Direct to Garment, and a wide range of media.

“The Verve is an advanced Colorjet large-format UV flatbed printer capable of printing on any rigid surface including ACP, foam board, flute board, glass, ceramic tiles and more, reliably and cost-effectively,” Hornsey explains.

“Designed with a big bed for big printing needs, it produces high-quality 7pl, 1200dpi quality and its flatbed design ensures better registration for higher quality imaging on irregular shapes and uneven surfaces. It can handle media up to 100mm thick, and features a dual negative pressure system and four-zone vaccum system for stability and precision.”

Jetmark is exhibiting DTG and DTF printers, including the OmniDTF OmniDTF 330TX plus DTG as well as the OmniPrint 330TX plus DTG.

“You can also contact us by clicking here.he Freejet is a desktop direct-to-garment printer which can print from common file types like PNG and JPEG to everything from 100 per cent dark polyester and blends, right through to 100% cotton garments – all in brilliant full colour,  1440dpi quality and in images sizes up to 318 x 559mm,” Hornsey explains.

“The secret is OmniPrint’s Gamut PlusT inks, engineered specifically for the Direct Rip, and patented White Ink Recirculation system which produces vibrant results and versatility, and, when combined with the Wet Cap System, dramatically improves the life expectancy of the white print head, and contributes to the overall low maintenance requirements of this reliable printer.”

OmniDFT Direct-to-Film model prints continuously on film upto 14.5 inches wide and upto 238 feet long, making it an efficient and profitable addition to shops that are looking for versatility.

On the consumables side, the company is featuring its Ultimate Digital Bulk Ink System including new Eco and Eco 2 inks which Hornsey says provide print service providers with simple ‘plug and play’ replacements to achieve quality and cost-efficiency.

“These inks are suitable for most wide-format printers, with no need to flush the ink systems or change ink profiles,” he explains, “and have been proven over time to have outstanding durability that can withstand Australia’s harsh conditions. Our customers report improved colour gamut, faster drying and gassing out times, and increased print head life, as well as greater cost-effectiveness, in both high and low production environments.”

For decorative and protective finishes, Jetmark offers a range of solutions including the Zed7 range of premium print, laminate and glass etch films, Cover Styl’ architectural vinyls, and Solar Screen high-performance window films.

“We are showing Zed7 700, 500 and 300 series films and premium glass etch films, which feature low-curl technology, excellent printability, are easy to apply and come with a warranty for extra peace of mind,” Hornsey says.

“Visitors will also be able to see how they can transform surfaces like walls, wood, aluminium, PVC and even furniture with Cover Styl’ thermoformable architectural vinyls, and handle an almost endless variety of window requirements from security, to printed and decorative finishes, to automotive applications with our range of more than 1000 high-performance Solar Screen window films.”

The datajammer blanking media can be used on interior windows and glass partitions. Because it is transparent, the interior view of the room is not blocked, but the computer screens that are visible will all be blacked out.