IKEA’s Billy Bookshelf Is A Useful 3D Printing Enclosure

You can improve the results of your 3D printer by using a special enclosure. This is useful when printing materials which are sensitive to thermal fluctuations or cold drafts.  IKEA Billy bookcases are a great solution for this problem. [wavlew].

Overall, the Billy is a stunning 3D printing station. It’s got a nifty slide-out drawer that makes a perfect mounting point for a 3D printer. The printer can be slid out to perform maintenance, use the controls, and extract finished prints. The printer comes with plenty of space for filament, tools and other items. accoutrements. The printer can be inserted and the door closed when it is time to actually print. A silicone door seal can improve the thermal and sound isolation performance.

This is a great idea. Too often, 3D printers are left chugging away on messy desks, where they’re subject to blasts from AC vents and other disruptions. The neatness of having everything in a closet or cupboard can be a great help, especially if you’re interested in fume extraction.

If you’ve identified any other nifty maker applications for IKEA furniture, be sure to let us know!