Hyper FFF™ from Raise3D Will Improve FFF Speed

Raise3D, a manufacturer of FDM 3D printers announced a significant upgrade to its Pro3 Series (Pro3 Plus) printers. The Hyper Speed Upgrade Kit (or HUK3) is a solution that significantly increases the speed of FFF machines while not affecting the quality of the finished parts. The kit comes with a software update, an intelligent high speed auto-calibration tool, filaments that are more efficient, and two hot ends. Raise3D plans to launch this new kit and help its users overcome some of their most difficult extrusion challenges. For orders received before December 31, 2022, the price is reduced.

FFF technology is undoubtedly the most popular process when it comes to 3D printers. It is often used in conjunction with traditional manufacturing methods. It allows you to produce prototypes faster and at lower costs before validating the design and launching final production. This allows for multiple iterations. Although some solutions can be used to produce finished parts due to faster printing speeds they are not easily accessible and remain expensive. This ultimately reduces the need for FDM machines. This speed is a challenge for many manufacturers. It can have a negative impact on surface quality and interlayer adhesion which can lead to unusable parts. That’s why Raise3D has designed a new ecosystem for its Pro3 and Pro3 Plus machines, with everything from hardware to software and materials. This technology’s speed will make it more useful for low-volume production while still allowing for the flexibility of an FFF printing machine for prototyping. RaiseCloud can connect it to multiple printers simultaneously to change the scale of production.

Photo credits: Raise3D

A complete ecosystem supports a faster and more accurate process

Raise3D therefore developed Hyper FFF™ technology, a solution that allows for more speed while preserving part quality. This was achieved by using an algorithm that absorbs vibrations when the print head changes direction quickly. It is therefore able to reduce shocks and decrease the chance of print failures such as poor surface quality or insufficient inter-layer adhesion. The Pro3 and Pro3 Plus machines have a sturdy and stable chassis that ensures better dimension accuracy. Raise3D says that users can attain speeds that are on average 3.8x faster than professional solutions.
Hardware is only part of the equation. You need reliable software as well as suitable materials. The speed of the machine can affect the melting time of thermoplastics. This could lead to poor bonding between layers. Raise3D launched Hyper Speed and Hyper Core filaments. Their molecular weights have been modified to improve fluidity. They also have a unique thermal profile, which allows for faster melting and cooling. This allows users to get the finish and details they desire. The manufacturer currently only offers ABS and PLA Hyper Speed. Other materials will be available (PETG or PC), In 2023, the Hyper Core range will be available with a carbon-fiber filled PPA.

Left: Intelligent calibration solution; right, the new hot ending (Photo credits to Raise3D).

What Can We Expect From Hyper FFF™ Technology?

Multiple tests have been performed already – with 0.4 mm nozzles and 0.2 mm layer thickness – and the results are great. Comparing to prints made by professional machines, the Raise3D upgrade has achieved an increase in productivity of 3 to 5 folds, increased filling speed from 200 to 350 mm/s to compare to 80 to 100mm/s, and reduced printing times by 75%.
Edward Feng, CEO of Raise3D, added: “The results that we have achieved with this technology breakthrough are truly remarkable, far better than we could anticipate, making us confident it will be a milestone not only for Raise3D but for the entire 3D printing FFF-based industry. Over the years, Raise3D’s technological superiority has been increasingly recognized. With the HUK3 allowing customers’ ROI to multiply by more than 3 times, we now want to reach more than 3 times the customers we have so far, and have so decided to offer, until the end of the year, an exceptional price of almost 1/3 lower than the planned retail price in 2023.”
Indeed, for all orders placed before December 31st this year, the Hyper Speed Upgrade Full Kit is priced at €699 instead of €999. This upgrade can be installed on both previously purchased and newly acquired Pro3 or Pro3 Plus machines. Raise3D authorized resellers are available to help you place your order.

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