Haizol Launch 3D Printing Service to Expand their Manufacturing Capabilities to Customers Worldwide

Haizol, a leading digital manufacturer, has announced that it will be expanding its production capabilities in its global manufacturing service.

LONDON, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire–PRWeb/ — Haizol now offers 3D printing on demand to customers around the world to meet growing demand. This adds to the company’s one-stop shop capabilities, which include Injection Molding and CNC Machining, as well as Casting and Stamping. This new technology will enable small- to medium-sized businesses to have access to the highest quality 3D printing technology, and produce parts or products at a fraction of what it costs to manufacture in house. Haizol’s vast network allows any business to benefit from 3D printing capabilities, in any capacity.

Working with the top manufacturers China For additive manufacturing, they can provide custom prototypes as well as end-use production parts to customers around the globe. 3D parts can all be printed quickly, on-demand and in any size, from prototypes to full production.

Haizol 3D printing services have access to the most advanced 3D printers in the market. Online service that specializes in FDM, SLS and MJF. It can produce custom projects from prototyping to full-scale production. This platform is able to cater for all types of projects, as it has access to over 40 metals or plastics. You can upload a file in CAD to get an instant quote. Also, you will receive quick manufacturability information. All uploads are safe and confidential.

Haizol offers a variety of manufacturing services including Prototyping. Molding. Stamping. CNC Machining. Casting. Fabrication. Such comprehensive manufacturing capabilities allow Haizol to meet the needs of many industries across a wide range of product categories, including Automotive Parts & Equipment, Aerospace, Electrical Equipment, Electronics, Design & Engineering, Fabricated Metals, Medical Supply & Equipment, Machinery & Tools, Packaging, Toys, as well as general consumer goods.

Haizol has been a proud recipient of multiple rounds committed financial investment since its inception in 2015. They have clients such as MicroPort, Roche and Siemens, Haier.

For more information or to learn more, head over to their website at http://www.haizol.com

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