Fiery Releases Digital Factory v11 RIP Software for Direct to Film, Direct to Garment and Other Personalization/Customization Print Applications

Fremont, California. 10 May 2023. Fiery®, LLC, is pleased to announce the much-anticipated release of Digital Factory v11. The product range is already recognized by manufacturers, dealers, and 10,000+ customers around the world as being a leader in the market. This release extends its role as a leading technology innovator for direct to film and direct to garment markets, UV/LED and sublimation, and toner transfer, and wide format print/cut. It does this by offering superior color and advanced white ink handling as well as automation tools and ecommerce integration.

Significant Production Advantages Spur End-User Growth

“The incredible growth that the Digital Factory software solutions have shown over the past three years across all specialty print platforms, particularly in the direct to film market, demonstrates how essential they are to end-users and equipment suppliers like ourselves,” says Don Copeland, Digital Products Manager at Coldesi, a leading supplier of turn-key digital print and apparel decoration solutions. “We have a long-standing relationship with Fiery (CADlink) and provide a wide variety of solutions based on their technology. These solutions provide significant production benefits to our customers on the direct-to-film, direct-to garment, white toner, and UV/LED market. As our customers grow and require new software applications, they can count on the familiar interface of the Digital Factory products they have already been using to help drive success.”

New and improved features include industry-leading single pass, underbase white/highlight white printing.

You can also find out more about the following: The release includes a patent-pending technology for managing white ink. An absolute “must have” feature, single pass highlight white/underbase prints the whitest whites, resulting in the most vibrant colors and reducing print time. This system also features a wide range of job preparation and automation software that optimizes productivity and throughput, while minimizing errors. Businesses of all sizes can achieve high-volume, efficient production while maintaining the highest quality.

“We are very excited about the release of Digital Factory v11, The features included in it were specifically developed based on feedback from our key stakeholders- manufacturers, dealers and most importantly our customers said John Henze, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Fiery. “For example, the single pass highlight white/underbase feature is truly revolutionary when printing with white inks, making white highlights within the design pop off the garment by being significantly brighter. In addition to this, the new automation as well as e-commerce related features enable users to achieve their business objectives by providing the tools needed for high quality, high volume production all using a single software platform”

Fiery Digital Factory – The Details

Fiery Digital Factory is a high fidelity color printer that offers professional job preparation, management and management tools. This streamlines production workflow from the start.. All packages come with a full set of automated production equipment designed specifically for specialty printing. Fiery’s Digital Factory product line is now even more versatile for customers who are looking to expand their business and introduce new products.

To learn more about Digital Factory v11 and to download a free trial version, visit

About Fiery LLC

Fiery, LLC, is a leading provider of digital print front ends (DFEs), workflow solutions, and other products for the rapidly growing graphic arts and industrial printing industries. The company has a global customer base of over 2,000,000 DFEs. It offers innovative cloud-based software technologies and fast performance across a wide range of production printing devices based on toner or inkjet.

Fiery, a brand that has gained a lot of respect over the past 30 years, was one of the first to establish its technological leadership in color control and print quality. This enabled Fiery customers to get their desired results, every time. That legacy of customer-focused innovation continues today with Fiery DFEs and workflow driving the leading brands across a wide array of industry segments, including commercial print, packaging, signs & display graphics, ceramics, building materials, textiles and other specialty applications.

The company has built a global online community for experts in the industry it supports. This allows them to freely share their experience and expertise with others. They also use this platform to capture customer feedback that will help guide future developments. Fiery’s overriding aim is a commitment to excellence in customer service for our partners, dealers and end customers.


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