By Wayne Robinson, 3 November 2023| 3 November 2023

Epson’s SureColor SC-2260 Series Direct-to-Garment Inkjet Print System has won the Good Design Award. This award is given to products that enrich and improve people’s lives.

Good Design Award: Epson DTG SC-2260
Epson DTG Sc-2260 wins Good Design Award

These garment printers allow you to directly print on t-shirts or other clothes. Epson says that these printers are easier to transport, install and expand because of their compact design.

Epson has also made changes to the operating unit design, which will reduce downtime and improve productivity. Epson hopes the product will contribute to digitalisation in the textile printing industry.

In response to user feedback, Epson redesigned its previous garment printer. They made the unit smaller by reducing its depth and making the space for installation more compact. The SCF2260 is the new standard model of the garment printers.

The judges said that the “high performance and roundness give a sense of intelligence combined with the beautifully arranged details to produce an attractive appearance”. They said that as the controls, movable parts, and top transparent cover are uniformly black on a white-tone background, “this fully expresses a brand identity rooted in usability and gives the impression of reliability and advanced technology over the entire series. In addition, we also appreciated that the software is provided with well-organised graphics that are easy to use, with no PC knowledge required”.

According to Epson, the SC-F2260, the third generation of the printer, combines a “proven” production platform with upgraded componentry, enhanced ergonomics and new ink. The printer has a PrecisionCore printhead that is 33 percent larger for better performance. The printer comes with an upgraded Garment Creator 2 that provides additional functionality for users. Epson also claims it can produce more efficiently with finer image detail.

There have been many refinements made to the case that make it easier to install and operate. The case features a “more ergonomic” design with a squarer side, a flat top, transparent plate cover and integrated interior lighting. There is an enlarged 4.3” touch panel display, and a cleaner loading bay with repositioned controls. The printer has automatic fine-head-height adjustments and a simpler macro head-height setting. This allows for maximum quality, maximum speed, and minimal hassle.

Upgraded inks are also included with the new model. Epson claims that UltraChrome DG2 is designed to work with a larger range of fabrics, and has better colour and reduced bleeding. The new ink can be used with DTF workflows.

The SC-F2260 has a number features that reduce waste and costs. It uses 800 ml ink pouches that are 33 per cent larger, and incorporate “a lot less” plastic than the cartridges used by the previous model. The printer also does not have a fan, which makes it run more quietly and doesn’t require regular filter replacement.