Durst Group acquires Aleph SrL for sustainable printing solutions

Image Courtesy: https://cyetesiooa.cloudimg.io/

Durst Group is a leading Italian manufacturer in digital printing solutions. It has acquired Aleph SrL – another Italian company that specializes in sustainable direct-to fabric printing solutions. This strategic step not only leverages Durst Group’s standing in sustainable printing technologies, particularly focusing on water-based printing but also broadens its customer base, notably due to Aleph’s affiliation with Como, a nucleus for textile design and top-notch applications in Italy.

Christoph Gamper, Durst Group’s CEO, conveyed excitement for integrating Aleph, commending their proficiency in sustainable, water-based applications and top-tier software tailored for textiles. The escalating demand for environmentally conscious and customisable products has propelled the adoption of digital printing technologies employing water-based inks, instigating Durst’s strategic acquisition move.

Alessandro Manes (CEO of Aleph SrL) described the collaboration with Durst Group, as an exciting phase. He highlighted shared values such as technological innovation, excellence and a commitment to true sustainability. He also said that this alliance is a great opportunity for digital textiles, among other areas.

Aleph was founded in 2000 and initially focused on software and textile consumables. Later, it transitioned to the production of innovative digital water-based printers. Wise Equity and Aleph partnered in 2017 to help Aleph expand internationally, especially for textile printing applications. Aleph currently derives more than 60 percent of its revenues from operations in over 20 countries.