DOD provides a further $1.5M to develop a 3D-printed hypersonic engine

NSIC is a DoD program that funds early-stage hardware startups to commercialize dual-use technologies vital for US economic competitiveness. 

“Based on NFA’s performance in designing, 3D printing, and testing the first key component of the Mjölnir full-flow staged combustion engine in less than a year, we are pleased NSIC sees the enormous potential in the continued development and completion of Mjölnir,” NFA CEO Bill Bruner said in a blog post.

NFA was founded in 2020 to create a hypersonic, renewably fuelled, vertical landing aircraft that can transport passengers and urgent cargo to any location on the globe 10x faster than jets today – with zero greenhouse gas emissions.” According to the company website, NFA was created in 2020. 

A revolutionary product with an advanced architecture

The firm’s 3D-printed design runs full­-flow staged combustion, which features fully vaporized propellants before they mix, and a high thrust-to-weight ratio, making it an efficient choice for a wide range of applications. Its advanced architecture, according to the firm, “offers a new kind of rocket engine with the reliability of aircraft engines and the operability of modern ones.” Its engines can run on liquid natural gas from renewable sources, with net zero greenhouse gases emissions.