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It looks like Stratasys may be wrapping up its North American roadshow this week; that’s first up in our 3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup. ICAM will be at Washington D.C. ImplementAM is headed to Milwaukee, while AM Investment Strategies will take place online. You can participate from anywhere. There are also a number of webinars available, covering topics such as SOLIDWORKS 2020, laser cladding & repair, binder jetting, and more. Continue reading to learn more!

3D Printing News Unpeeled

Our Executive Editor Joris Peels, who’s also the Vice President of Consulting at Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), offers a news livestream one to two times a week called 3D Printing News Unpeeled at 9:30 am EST. For each episode, Peels gets on LinkedIn Live and tells us, in 20 minutes or less, what he considers to be the top news stories from the 3D printing industry that week, and why they’re important. Some of the stories in his roundup are ones we’ve covered at 3DPrint.com, and some are not, but they are all equally interesting and impactful!

October 30 & November 1: The Experience Stratasys Tour Continues

The Experience Stratasys Tour is taking its mobile showroom across the U.S., so educators, designers, and manufacturers have a convenient way to see the company’s latest materials, 3D printers, and solutions. The truck will make its first stop in Knoxville, Tennessee, on Monday, 30th of October. Orange Hat Brewing is hosting the event. After a brief break on October 31, the truck moves to Missouri and stops at Rockwell Beer Co. Saint Louis. This stop is again hosted by GoEngineer.

“Speak with 3D printing experts from Stratasys and our partners to find out how your organization can benefit from 3D printing – whether it’s bringing a printer in-house or utilizing additive manufacturing services from Stratasys Direct. Let us show you how Stratasys is leading the global shift to additive manufacturing with innovative 3D printing solutions for aerospace, automotive, consumer products and healthcare.”

You can register for the Stratasys Experience Tour here.

October 30 – November 2: CAMX Expo 2023

Atlanta, Georgia, will host North America’s largest and most comprehensive event on composites and advanced material from October 30-November 2, 2018. The American Composites Manufacturers Association and the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering jointly produce CAMX 2023. Over 100 expert-led presentations, live manufacturing demos, an exhibit hall, ample time for networking and more will be featured. Plus, several AM industry companies will be onsite, and Massivit is hosting a special Open House at its America’s Experience Center on the 30th, coinciding with CAMX 2023.

“With a robust education program and an expansive exhibit hall with hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers, CAMX delivers a unique experience and unrivaled opportunities.”

Here you can register for CAMX.

October 30 – November 3: ICAM 2023

Washington D.C. will host the 8th Annual ASTM International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing from October 30 to November 3. Hosted by ASTM’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence (AM CoE) and supported by more than a dozen ASTM technical committees, this flagship event is all about standardization, qualification, and certification, with a focus on industry-specific requirements addressing entire advanced manufacturing processes and value chains. ICAM 2023 is comprised of 26 symposiums and will include multiple networking opportunities. It will also feature over 700 presentations and panel discussions as well keynotes and an awards ceremony.

“This conference addresses application specific requirements of various industry sectors in addition to covering the fundamentals of advanced manufacturing processes with the goal of transitioning research to application through standardization.”

Register for ICAM2023 here.

October 31: AM Industry Display

Happy Halloween! On Tuesday, October 31, from 9-10 am (EST), you can attend the virtual Additive Manufacturing Industry Showcase – U.S.-Korea Supply Chain Commercial Dialogue.), you can attend the virtual Additive Manufacturing Industry Showcase – U.S.-Korea Supply Chain Commercial Dialogue. Hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration – Industry & Analysis, attendees can benefit their network, marketing, and market entry efforts by participating in the showcase, which includes speakers from America Makes, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), and more. You can also connect with the International Trade Administration’s Commercial Specialists at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, who can help with exports and doing business in Korea, including additive manufacturing.

“The showcase will serve as a springboard for further engagement, exploration, and collaboration on additive manufacturing between the United States and Korea, giving participants the opportunity to be a part of this evolving partnership.”

Here you can register to the webinar.

October 31: Markforged’s Digital Source Platform

Markforged will hold a webinar at 10 am EST on the 31st with a focus on “A New Way to Lower Inventory Costs and Boost Customer Sat with On-Demand 3D Printing” with its Digital Source cloud platform. Participants will learn about how Digital Source operates, how to license designs in order to bypass physical inventories, the benefits associated with on-demand part fulfillment using the platform, as well as other topics. Charles Lu, Product Manager and Tripp Byrd are the featured speakers for Markforged.

“Licensing 3D-printable parts through Digital Source simplifies supply chains, lightens your team’s operational load, and helps your customers skip the wait for parts. With Digital Source, you can reduce cash tied up in physical inventory while still getting paid when customers print parts.”

Here you can register to the webinar.

October 31: Laser Cladding & Repair with Meltio’s LMD

A webinar by Meltio at 11 am EST on the 31st will focus on “Laser Cladding and Repair with Wire-Laser Metal 3D Printing.” Attendees will learn how to leverage the company’s wire Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) technology to repair metal 3D printed parts, as well as for laser cladding. There will be a discussion on possible applications as well as the material compatibility and advantages of laser repair and cladding.

“Join Giorgio Olivieri, Applications Manager, and Jairo Luengo, Applications Robot Engineer, who will dive deep into this versatile manufacturing process, and the significant advantages it yields to Meltio users.”

Here you can register to the webinar.

Desktop Metal Destroys AM Binders

Also at 11 am EST on Tuesday the 31st, Desktop Metal will discuss “Breaking Down AM Binder Selections for Various Applications.” Eric Rhodes, a Materials Engineer with the company’s Metal R&D Team, will discuss Desktop Metal’s portfolio of binders for metal and ceramic powders, why they’re critical to binder jetting, the impact of curing profiles and green part strength, and more. The attendees will also be informed about chemistry, saturation, and viscosity restrictions, as well as regional requirements and environmental, health, safety and compliance.

“Binder plays a critical role in additive manufacturing— but not all binders are created equal! Environmental regulation, material compatibility, post-print strength, and end part purity are just a handful of considerations when optimizing processes for your application.”

Here you can register to the webinar.

31 October: 3D-Printed C Band Horn Antenna

3D Systems and Thales Alenia will host a webinar sponsored by Microwave Journal, at 11 am EST on the 31st about a “Disruptive Corrugated C-band Horn Antenna produced with Additive Manufacturing.” The space telecommunication market is increasingly competitive, and Thales Alenia Space has been using AM since 2013 to optimize its products. Antoine de Crombrugghe (Application Development Engineer for 3D Systems) and Laura Foucaud (Antenna Design Engineering, Thales Alenia Space) will present a typical Design for Additive Manufacturing(DfAM), approach that they used for a classical C-band Corrugated Antenna Horn.

“Using 3D Systems’ large format multi-laser platform, capable of printing parts up to 500 x 500 x 500 mm, the result is a seamless horn antenna that can be manufactured in 3 days. This short lead-time opens a new world of iterative shape optimization.”

Here you can register to the webinar.

November 1: Fundamentals of Materialise Mimis Innovation Suite

The latest Materialise in-person training, “Mimics Innovation Suite – Fundamentals,” will take place in Sydney, Australia on Wednesday, November 1st at 10 am AEST. The topics will include an overview of Mimics, 3-matic, the basics for optimizing parts for 3D printing, other downstream applications and how to convert DICOM images into 3D models. Participants will have the opportunity to use the software and lunch is also included.

“Join our course in Sydney to learn the basics of 3D model preparation with a Materialise expert. You’ll discover the step-by-step process of converting medical images into high-quality, printable 3D models, including image segmentation, reconstruction, and refinement.”

Here you can register for this course.

November 2nd: ImplementAM in Milwaukee

Portland, Oregon-based ImplementAM, recently acquired by the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE), organizes and facilitates one-day additive manufacturing workshops, and the latest one will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Thursday the 2nd. These events include networking, expert speakers and group activities that will get you away form PowerPoint to engage in an interactive learning experience. Join ImplementAM at the Explorium Brew Pub Third Ward, and don’t forget to vote for a local school in the Milwaukee area to receive a 3D printer package and training from MatterHackers.

“Join us in Milwaukee for a day of learning, collaboration, and networking. You will learn the basics of 3D Printing and about the business case for additive manufacturing. We have expert speakers from major 3D printing machine OEMs, software providers, and service bureaus.”

Register for the workshop by clicking here.

AM Investment Strategies: November 2, 2023

The week before Formnext 2023, the third edition of AM Investment Strategies—produced by 3DPrint.com and Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR, formerly SmarTech Analysis) in association with Cantor Fitzgerald—will be held. The live online roundtable will take place from 12-1 pm on February 2nd. It will be moderated Troy Jensen (Managing Director of Cantor Fitzgerald) with the participation of some leading experts and CEOs. The event seeks to dive deeper into the ever-evolving business environment and competitive dynamics of the 3D printing industry, and because it’s free to attend, is accessible to a range of stakeholders looking for a more nuanced understanding of the 3D printing industry.

“Additive Manufacturing Research & Cantor Fitzgerald invite you to join in a special one-hour online roundtable diving into the business environment and competitive landscape for the 3D printing industry.”

Register for AM Investment Strategies by clicking here.

November 2: What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2024

Finally, Dassault Systèmes will hold a webinar on “What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2024” this Thursday, November 2nd, at 1 pm EST. If you can’t join the live session, register anyway, and you’ll get the recording once the webinar is complete.

“SOLIDWORKS 2024 is here! SOLIDWORKS experts will take you on a short trip. Steve Fick You can also find out more about the following: Mark PetersOn, on November 2nd, 1:00 PM ET You can now navigate through the new exciting enhancements to help you:

  • Automate and streamline many commonly used workflows

  • Improve your productivity with performance improvements and UI improvements

  • Cloud Services allows you to securely share and store designs.

Here you can register to the webinar.

You have any updates to share on upcoming virtual or live events, webinars? Let us know if you have any news!