3D Printer Uses Magnets To Break Speed Limits, Print at a Table-Shaking 800 mm/s

Peopoly, a resin printer company, created a lot of buzz when it unveiled a Magneto X is a prototype FDM 3D Printer without a belt. The East Coast RepRap Festival. The desk-top printer boasts a massive 400 x300x300mm build volume, and prints at speeds of up to 800mm/s. Magnetic linear motors are a feature that is often seen in CNC machines. Normally, 3D Printers use rotating stepper Motors attached to pulleys or gears. The linear motor can be thought of as a flat, unrolled motor with the “rotor” attached to the moving component – the tool head – and the stator forming a track along one axis.

Dubbed the “MagXY” system, the tool head seems to levitate across the gantry without obvious means. The print speed is 800 mm/s at maximum acceleration. Bambu Lab Core XY Printers.