15 Largest Commercial Printing Companies in the World

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Commercial printing produces many printed materials. These include books, posters and catalogs, as well as direct mail marketing materials. Businesses that want to reach their target market with effective branding and advertising need commercial printing services. Offices can print any document on-site using a commercial printing machine at a high speed (PPM), without having to compromise print quality. The printing industry’s profits have been in a state of recovery since the Great Recession, but since its end in June 2009, print markets have continued to flourish. This was especially true in 2018 and beyond.

GrandViewResearch’s report states that the global commercial printing market was worth $489.63 million in 2022. It is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR of 2.8%) between 2023 and 2030, according to GrandViewResearch. Businesses and enterprises are increasingly looking for printed advertising materials like brochures and pamphlets. This is driving demand for commercial printing services. This is where the commercial printing market enters new territory. If players modernize their business, they will lead. Digital printing is on the rise. In fact, it’s expected to jump from 17.2% of the industry in 2021 to 21.6% by 2026. These numbers indicate that R&D for digital printing will become a major focus across the industry.

Online shopping has increased the need for packaging printing. Many businesses use packaging to showcase their best features. Packaging is a crucial marketing tool. This led to many companies investing in high technology commercial printing solutions. For instance, in October 2022, Comexi, a flexible packaging service provider, announced the launch of Digiflex, a machine designed for flexible packaging and label converters to print variable data such as QR codes, data matrix variable codes, barcodes, alphanumeric text, and other numbering & marking applications.

15 Largest Commercial Printing Companies in the World

15 of the Largest Companies in Commercial Printing Worldwide

Our Methodology

After reviewing their size, growth prospects, product portfolio and operations, we chose the 15 largest commercial printers in the world to be included on this list. We have ranked these companies in ascending order according to their market capitalization. This gives our readers a clear picture. The revenue multiple of 1.5x was used to calculate the market cap for the private companies included on this list.

15. Quad/Graphics, Inc. (NYSE:QUAD)

Market Capitalization: $272.39 millions

Quad/Graphics, Inc., NYSE QUAD, is an American company that provides marketing strategy and management services. It’s based out of Sussex, Wisconsin. The company was established as a printing firm on July 13, 1971. Since then, it has expanded its services in marketing. They use their strong print foundation to assist content creators and marketers in increasing the effectiveness of their marketing spends across all media channels.

The company continued to reduce its debt in 2022. It has since decreased its net debt by $489 millions, or 47%, over the past three years. Quad/Graphics, Inc. (NYSE.QUAD) ended 2022 with a debt ratio of 2.16x, surpassing guidance of around 2.25x, and achieving its lowest level of leverage since 2018. The company expects to have paid off $564m in debt by the end 2023. This represents a 55% decrease in debt from January 1, 2020.

14. Vomela Companies

Market Capitalization Estimated at $510 million

The Vomela Companies are a full-service specialty graphics provider comprising of a vast network of graphic specialists capable of producing a wide variety of promotional, store décor, event, fleet, OEM, commercial, and transportation graphics. Vomela Companies provides services such as design, prototyping or project management. They also offer production, fabrication, installation, kitting and packaging throughout the United States and Canada.

13. Raksul Inc. (TYO:4384)

Market Capitalization: $570 Million

Raksul Inc., TYO:4384 is a Japanese company which operates an online printing platform that provides a range printing services to businesses of any size. The company was founded in Japan in 2009 and has its headquarters in Tokyo. The company’s platform uses a unique bidding system that allows customers to compare prices and choose the best one based on price, quality, and delivery time.

12. Fort Dearborn Company

Estimated Market Capitalization $613.5 million

Fort Dearborn Company is an American commercial printing company. They supply high-impact decorative labels to the beverage, food and household product markets. With approximately 1400 employees, the company’s headquarters is in Illinois. It has twelve divisions operating in North America.

11. Elanders AB (STO:ELAN-B)

Market Capitalization $689 million

Elanders AB, STO:ELANB, is a Swedish company providing supply chain management and print and packaging solutions to businesses from a wide range of industries. Founded in 1907 and headquartered in Mölnlycke, Sweden, Elanders has approximately 7,000 employees in some 20 countries on four continents and annual net sales of over EUR 1.3 billion. The United States, Brazil and Germany are Elanders’ top priority markets.

Chain supply management for the company involves managing the entire supply cycle process for clients, starting with procurement and ending with delivery. Its print and packaging solutions include design and printing as well as packaging services for a wide range of products such books, brochures labels and packaging for consumer goods. Elanders AB, STO:ELANB) offers B2B markets. It also sells photo products directly through its own brands, fotokasten or myphotobook.

10. TungKong Inc. (SHE:002117)

Market Capitalization: $770 millions

Tungkong Inc. (SHE 002117) is a Chinese printing company that specializes in security printing. Established in 1993, the company has grown to be a leader in secure printing solutions for many industries, including banking, finance and healthcare. The company operates 8 production bases throughout China, alongside 4 R&D centers in the Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou regions.

9. Cimpress plc – NASDAQ:CMPR

Market Capitalization $862.58 millions

Cimpress plc (NASDAQ CMPR) is an American-Irish-domiciled business that invests in and runs a variety of businesses that make use of mass customization to produce small quantities of custom goods. Founded in 1995 in France under the name Vistaprint, the company later changed its name to Cimpress to reflect its growing range of businesses and products, which include customized, accessible, and affordable print, signage, apparel, gifts, identity merchandise, packaging, and other related products.

Cimpress plc, NASDAQ:CMPR serves over 17 million customers annually. They use a proprietary platform called “Cimpress Mass Customization Platform”, that allows for fast and efficient production of custom products.

8. Transcontinental Inc. (TSE:TCL.A)

Market Capitalization: $1 Billion

TC Transcontinental is also known simply as Transcontinental Inc. (TSE.TCL.A) and provides a variety of services for businesses throughout North America. Its printing services include digital printing, offset printing, and flexible printing. In addition to offering packaging solutions such a folding cartons, flexible packing, and shrink sleeves as well as media and marketing services such as content creation and distribution and digital media service, the company also offers media and marketing options such as media and marketing.

7. Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd.

Market Capitalization: $1.21 Billion

Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd. is a printing firm based in Shantou, China. It specializes in the production and distribution of printed products and packaging materials. Since its inception, the company has grown to be a leader in providing printing services for clients in a variety of industries. The company provides a broad range of printing services such as paperboard packaging, corrugated box, gift boxes and bags, labels, custom-made printed products, and custom-made items, especially for cigarette trademarks. It uses the most advanced printing technology and techniques in order to guarantee that its products meet the exact needs of its customers.

Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co., Ltd. (SHA 601515) offers printing services. It also offers design and packaging solutions for its clients. This allows them to create striking packaging and designs that will make their products stand apart in the marketplace.

6. Multi-Color Corporation

Market Capitalization: $3.3 Billion

Multi-Color Corporation, formerly known as WS Packaging Group, is a premier global resource of packaging services and decorating solutions that ranks as one of the biggest label companies in the world in the following market segments: Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Food & Dairy, Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care & Laundry, Healthcare, Durables & Technical and Automotive & Chemicals. The company boasts more than fifty years’ experience in printing and packaging, with multiple facilities across the U.S.A and Mexico.


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